Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the way back . . . Slowly!

Guess a slow progress back to running is not totally unexpected, given my blog name!  But I do want to Hurry Up and "get back!"

Physically there are no issues at all with either my knee or my back.  My right knee feels probably 95% normal!  This has healed even faster then my prior knee surgery.  Not sure if that has to do with the surgery itself, or the fact that my left knee has now had two operations and one was invasive (good ol' half-moon scar!).  No matter, this surgery went VERY smoothly and so has my recovery.  My range of motion is now almost equal to my left knee.

But my running has a long way to go!  (guess THAT'S not a news flash to anyone!)

Anytime someone has an injury, it is natural to change your gait to some extent to compensate.  I imagine it would be impossible for this NOT to happen!  But the new gait brings with it new stresses and different muscles are used.  And this is where real problems can arise.  Bad things: blisters, ligament and tendon inflamation, stress fractures, etc.

I can feel that my gait has changed.  But luckily my endurance has "back-slidden" since the knee got injured in mid-June.  So I'm not putting high milage in and this is probably keeping me from further injury.  But my progress back is slow.

Most of the problem is simply a problem between my ears . . . walking has just become too easy to do.  And with the heat and humidity, progress is just slow.  I know I CAN be mentally tough, but I'm sure NOT tough right now!  I'm thinking I need something like a bear to chase me!  It would have to be a one-legged bear to give me a chance.  But I need inspiration and fear just might do it!!

I ran about 5 miles yesterday and did a little better.  Took it easy today, going only 3 miles.  I need to do a long run this coming weekend.  If I can finish 13-15 miles I'll feel pretty good about where I am.  Any less and I'll be disappointed.

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