Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving is behind us and the Re-Run looms!

One week off work. Way too much to eat. Not nearly enough mileage last week. Sounds perfect for a good Medoc Re-Run marathon next weekend!

The Medoc Mountain Re-run (for anyone reading this that doesn't know) is a chance for those of us that worked at the October 4th Medoc Trail Races to do either the 10-miler or the marathon and earn the medal. I'm planning on the marathon. That gives me just one more marathon before the end of 2009 to average a marathon (or longer) a month during 2009. My 2009 running goal. Right now I have two more marathons to go . . .

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Richmond Marathon - Great!

First I did a little better here . . . ran a 5:33 and felt really good, in spit of doing OBX last weekend. Quite frankly I had absolutely no ill effects from the marathon last weekend . . . go figure!

For the first 15-16 miles I ran with a RICHMOND native that was QUITE an inspiration! Tim Samulson was one of the nicest guys I've met in quite a while. Tim lives just south of Richmond, is married with twin 5 year olds. But Tim has had to deal with TWO seperate bouts with cancer. One testicular cancer and the other was a lump of cancer in his neck. After the last fight he promised himself he would run a marathon if he survived.

I can attest that Tim has survived and he finished his marathon with a 5:20 (he ran off and left me at about mile 15-16). Tim . . you made my day, I was impressed with everything about you. Wish I knew your wife and family . . . I'm sure they are GREAT too! Thank you for letting me run with you for a while!

Good to see and talk with Don Garber again. Don is a prince! Hope he comes to the Medoc Re-Run

Richmond changed their course just a little . . . bypassed a really ugly section near the end! Much better!

My Richmond Marathon complaint was I didn't like their shirt . . . AGAIN! Please give me a long-sleeve cotton short and forget the tech shirts . . . ESPECIALLY short sleeved tech shirts!!

All in all , , , A GREAT DAY!

Monday, November 10, 2008

OBX Marathonre super

Overall a really good time!

The OBX course is nice . . . the first 13 miles were really fantastic! Neat neighborhoods, unbelievably good crowds (don't know where all the people came from!) and great views of the sound. And that half ended with a 2 1/2 mile section on a trail through the woods! Perfect!

The second half was not quite a great, but it was still very nice. Had to have stretches along US158 (the main highway), but crossing the bridge to Manteo was cool, the views od the sound and Pirates Cove marina and subdivision were excellent . . . even if it came around mile 23!

Going in, I knew my preparation / training was sub-par so my expectations were not high. And my performance pretty well equaled what I put in. I'm not disappointed in my 5:51 but I should be 51 minutes faster if I work at it. Just not sure I want to do that.

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