Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vol State Training - "Lilley-style" (Part 3)

Well . . . this one is getting interesting!

It's beginning to look like 2014 may be my year for Vol State rather than 2013.

While I do want to be sure I don't "over-train" for an event like this it appears my training just may not be adequate.  I'll explain . . .

Met with my doctor today and there was good news and bad news.  The 'good news" was I could start very short runs just as soon as my pain was almost totally gone (90%),  But he made me promise to stop if the pain increased or if there was increased pain the next day.

The "bad news" was he said that while he couldn't put any timetable on my recovery, he guessed it would likely be "in July" before I would feel like starting to run again.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear!

Assuming I did start running July 1st, I just don't think 9 days of training (2 travel days needed) would be enough . . . even doing this one "Lilley-style."  I mean . . . Vol State is no joke!

Not officially bailing for 2013 yet 'cause I just might feel like starting before July!  But it's not looking good.

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