Monday, April 29, 2013

Vol State Training - "Lilley-style" Part 2

T - 72 days until race day and counting.

Everything is going PERFECTLY!  Training could not be going any better!

Three weeks plus in and I'm hopefully in the mid to latter stages of the REST phase of the plan. 

I've ditched the crutches . . . I believe for good!  I used them a few hours on Saturday so my foot would be okay to go Saturday night on it's own!  And it did really well . . . pain is reducing every day.  I can see that maybe in a week or two more I may be able to move into Phase 2 training - actually walking normally for some distance!  Probably start with a mile or two and see how it goes.  I'm walking now . . . but 100 yards is about all I really want to do!

And this is great mental training . . . almost like meditation.  You know - "Take a deeeeeep breath and slowly  leeeeet it ooooout!  Picture a beautiful flower in a green field.  Notice its deeep yellow color . . . "  crap like that!

 Only I'm thinking things like . . . "Calm down.  It will only be a few more days.  This will pass.  You will soon be back walking again . . . and even running soon . . ."  crap like THAT!!

Just one little bothersome thing . . . there seems to be a lump or something where the dislocation occurred.  Wasn't there before for sure!  That seems to be the primary pain point unless I start moving my toes around . . . then the pain more wide-spread!  :-)

Sitting around doing nothing has several outgrowths . . . not the least of which weight gain!  Again . . . this is all part of the master training plan.  This additional weight will make the early training all that more intensive and thus speeding up the training effect!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vol State . . . "Lilley-style"

Preparations are well underway for the "Last Annual Volunteer State Run" to be held in July.  As you can probably imagine, I'll be doing this race "Lilley-style."

For those of you that are not familiar with the concepts surrounding "Lilley-style" running, you probably should read this blog entry last year that explains exactly what "Lilley-style" running is all about.

As I said, preparations are well underway.  And the first step is to make positively sure I have all my excuses in place for the assault.  I'm proud to say I am rising to the occasion with this race.  I was a tad concerned that my "hip arthroscopy" excuse was getting a little thread-bare, so I've been working on enhancements.

This year, I added a 4th metatarsal dislocation and resulting ligament damage as an excuse.  This was begun by doing what is called a "Ladder Dive."  Sometimes these are done on blacktop or concrete, but my "dive" was done on a deck . . .  much softer!!.  This whole plan is actually quite brilliant! 

The hospital ER missed the foot dislocation and sent me home to deal with the "afterglow" from the dive!  I tried walking a few days before I went to another doctor who discovered the dislocation and later identified the ligament issues.   Those walking attempts (limping actually) caused a very odd gait as you can imagine and as a result, the new leg motion irritated my hip joint!!  See . . . I told you this was brilliant!  My excuses are SET!!  I hate to brag . . . but DAMN I'm good!

So I'm getting a chance to conserve a massive amount of energy by not even being able walk.  Not sure how long but I plan to milk one this all I can!

But once I'm able to walk without crutches and without pain . . . it will be time to move on into the actual TRAINING portion of the "Lilley-style" plan. 

Stay tuned!

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