Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vol State . . . "Lilley-style"

Preparations are well underway for the "Last Annual Volunteer State Run" to be held in July.  As you can probably imagine, I'll be doing this race "Lilley-style."

For those of you that are not familiar with the concepts surrounding "Lilley-style" running, you probably should read this blog entry last year that explains exactly what "Lilley-style" running is all about.

As I said, preparations are well underway.  And the first step is to make positively sure I have all my excuses in place for the assault.  I'm proud to say I am rising to the occasion with this race.  I was a tad concerned that my "hip arthroscopy" excuse was getting a little thread-bare, so I've been working on enhancements.

This year, I added a 4th metatarsal dislocation and resulting ligament damage as an excuse.  This was begun by doing what is called a "Ladder Dive."  Sometimes these are done on blacktop or concrete, but my "dive" was done on a deck . . .  much softer!!.  This whole plan is actually quite brilliant! 

The hospital ER missed the foot dislocation and sent me home to deal with the "afterglow" from the dive!  I tried walking a few days before I went to another doctor who discovered the dislocation and later identified the ligament issues.   Those walking attempts (limping actually) caused a very odd gait as you can imagine and as a result, the new leg motion irritated my hip joint!!  See . . . I told you this was brilliant!  My excuses are SET!!  I hate to brag . . . but DAMN I'm good!

So I'm getting a chance to conserve a massive amount of energy by not even being able walk.  Not sure how long but I plan to milk one this all I can!

But once I'm able to walk without crutches and without pain . . . it will be time to move on into the actual TRAINING portion of the "Lilley-style" plan. 

Stay tuned!

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