Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick update . . .


 I promise I'm not dead!

Running has just not been happening much for me in the last several weeks.  I had planned to sort of take a break . . . but not this much of a break!

Basically two issues: 1) lack of motivation due to heat / humidity and 2) hip issues. 

The hip problem comes and goes . . . some days it hurts pretty bad.  But other days, not so much.  Very strange!  But not bad enough to see a doctor yet.  I thinking that probably some time off will help.

The heat / humidity issues are just killing everyone!  But with my motivation lacking, I'm just not getting it done!

Hopefully "the broiler" has run it's course and things can get back to a more normal, miserably hot summer!  No planned runs until Hinson Lake 24 and I'm not planning to do any preparation or training for it.  I'll just run what feels good and see how far that takes me.

After Hinson, I'll get back into some sort of a training mode . . .  who know . . . I might even actually follow some sort of plan!  Have done that in several years!

In the mean time there is the Medoc Meltdown 50k and the Medoc Marathon to keep me occupied.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is about runners!

This morning as I was leaving for work I couldn't find my wallet.  Now that's strange because every time I come home I'm very careful to put it on the counter right next to the door.

I looked all over the house, in the pants I was wearing yesterday, on my dresser.  Even in the dresser drawers (thinking I might have knocked it off the top and it fell into a drawer).  Checked in my car.  Looked everywhere I could think of.  No luck.  So I headed out to work, trying to remember when I last had it.  The best I could remember, the last time I had it was when I filled up for gas at Sheetz on my way home yesterday evening.  I remembered my daughter calling me as I was filling up with gas and I was fumbling around with the phone, the gas pump handle and . . . yes . . . my wallet.  I remember putting it on the roof of my car! 

Oh  Crap!!

When I got to Sheetz I ask if anyone had turned in a wallet and the lady checked and said they hadn't.  So I decided to walk up the median of the highway to see if I could see my wallet . . . it had to have fallen off the rooftop fairly soon as I got up to speed.

I walked for maybe 1/3 mile.  Nothing.

I tried to remember everything I had in my wallet.  I was carring a little more cash then normal, my debit card and my credit card, driver's license, bank access card, and a bunch of other things that didn't really matter all that much.  All gone!

To relieve the pain of the loss some, I did find a $20 bill!!  Certainly not compensation for my loss, but it did ease the pain a little!

A little further down I spotted a $1 bill.  Then . . .another $20.  Guess I had my bad luck yesterday, but someone else had had some bad luck too!  I knew I would be okay with my loss and I hoped whoever lost this would also be okay.  These are tough time for so many people.

Further down the road I saw the sleeve that a NC Hunting / Fishing license comes with.  Looked inside but nothing.  Odd.  Very Odd!  Saw nothing else and went maybe 1 mile.  So I crossed the lanes and headed back towards my car.  Went maybe 1/4 mile and I saw another $1 bill.  Then, I saw an REI membership card . . . with my name on it!

So probably all the money had been mine anyway!  Little further I saw my Sam's Club card.  Then my VISA!!  Thank goodness!  And soon there was my debit card!  But that was it.  Nothing else . . . and no wallet!  So I decided to walk back again . . . I had to have missed the wallet itself!

Going back on the median I did find my fishing license, Food Lion MVP card and a few other things.  But no wallet.

So I headed back towards my car.  On my way back a car pulled over near me.  The driver asked me if I was looking for something and I told him I was looking for my wallet.  He asked where I was from and I told him Littleton, NC.  He smiled a big smile and told me he had been jogging yesterday evening and had found my wallet!  What are the chances!  I am so lucky!

So this was about running after all!  I followed him back to his house (about 4-5 miles away!) and got my wallet back!  YESSSSS!  There are a lot of honest people in the world . .. but this was a runner and I'm sure he would have spent a lot of time trying to find me.  Runners would do that.  Not everyone else would!

What a nice guy!  He and I talked some and it seems his daughter goes the the daycare center near there and he and his buddy run there often.  I told him about the Rocky Mount Endurance Club . . . I hope he will join the group! 

Thank you Ronell  Edmondson!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a wuss!

Okay . . . I've been backing off for a few weeks.  Just a little rest brought on by some minor 'Boogie' issues . . . But I'm fine!  Just resting some.  But I'm blown away . . . I'm getting more folks coming to my blog each day then I get when I post something new!  What is up with this?

I'm beginning to think the more I don't do, the more folks will like it!

I just wish the same principle would work in my running.  Quite honestly I've found myself not looking forward to my runs.  Actually dreading them is a better description. Just lacking motivation.  Wanting to sleep on Sunday morning rather then go on my long run . . . even in the heat!.  So a break seemed like a good course of action.

So since Boogie, my longest run has been about 10 miles . . . and another about 8 miles.  Plus a few 3-6 milers during the week.  Basically lots of rest!

So I should be feeling all recovered and ready to go!  But that's not happening!  Actually every day is a new physical issue!  Crazy! 
  • All last week my wrist hurt (wrist I injured at the Medoc Re-Run in November that still isn't 100%).
  • Sunday I was going to do a 16-17 miler at Medoc . . . but I got dizzy after a mile, walked for four miles hoping it would go away.  And finally just quit.
  • Monday, my hip hurt.  Really hurt.  I was limping!  No injury, I did nothing!  It just started hurting!
  • Tuesday, still a little dizzy and the hip still hurts some . . . but way better.
So bottomline - I'm thinking I'm becoming a hypochondriac of major proportions!

There silly little 'nothings' just have to be in my head!

And we all know that runners are generally prone to hypochondriac-type mentality.  Heck, listening to everyone at the start of a race you would think most of them had to be driven to the starting line by an ambulance!  Everyone has been having 'issues' and their training has just hardly prepared them for the race.  Most question if they will even be able to finish!  But, of course, virtually everyone does finish . . . with great times too!

But this 'layoff' is arming me with a ton of new excuses for my poor performances!  Another week or two and I'll be all set!  Hinson Lake . . . why .. . I'll probably only get in 15 miles or so!

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