Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick update . . .


 I promise I'm not dead!

Running has just not been happening much for me in the last several weeks.  I had planned to sort of take a break . . . but not this much of a break!

Basically two issues: 1) lack of motivation due to heat / humidity and 2) hip issues. 

The hip problem comes and goes . . . some days it hurts pretty bad.  But other days, not so much.  Very strange!  But not bad enough to see a doctor yet.  I thinking that probably some time off will help.

The heat / humidity issues are just killing everyone!  But with my motivation lacking, I'm just not getting it done!

Hopefully "the broiler" has run it's course and things can get back to a more normal, miserably hot summer!  No planned runs until Hinson Lake 24 and I'm not planning to do any preparation or training for it.  I'll just run what feels good and see how far that takes me.

After Hinson, I'll get back into some sort of a training mode . . .  who know . . . I might even actually follow some sort of plan!  Have done that in several years!

In the mean time there is the Medoc Meltdown 50k and the Medoc Marathon to keep me occupied.


  1. The heat has been a pain and has made for some super early running. Looks like we have another hot week ahead though. Some 80's would be nice.

  2. I have a vague recollection of serious heat, but now I live in the land of "45 degrees Fahrenheit at some point every day, year round" so when it hits 80 I freak out like the natives. I can't imagine trying to run in heat like you gets.

  3. I just ran with a friend from UK this week. She's never ran in temperature higher than 66'. That made me feel great for once in the heat.


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