Wednesday, September 9, 2015

See . . . there are good days too!

Yesterday, I met Joe Bunn and Andy Barker at the Y and we walked 5k at lunch.  Some hip pain near the last 1/2 mile but the pain didn't "set in" after the walk.  And this morning my hip feels "normal."  Hopefully walking will be an okay alternative.  I still don't plan to run again . . . but maybe this walking will work for me!  If not, I'll keep trying to find alternatives. 

  • Biking just scares me (cars) so that is out!  
  • Swimming sort of works.  Maybe if I keep trying . . . my shoulder will strengthen up and make it less painful.
Anyway . . . maybe walking is an answer!

If anyone has any suggestions for another aerobic exercise please let me know.

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