Thursday, August 7, 2014

Texas Meltdown

This last weekend (July 26) was my son, Michael's wedding in San Antonio, Texas.

Connie and I flew over on the Wednesday before.  To save some money we flew in to Austin, Texas and then drove down to San Antonio.  Not a bad hour and a half drive, but not a pretty drive by any means.  Drove to Michael's house and met up with him, his soon-to-be-bride, my daughter, Laurie and her boyfriend of several years Robbie . . . whom I had never met.

We all went to dinner that night.  I told Michael to pick a place that had variety, and was fun.  So I learned my first lesson . . . Texans eat outside!  Often!  In the HEAT!  Michael took us to a place where three food trucks park and there is a permanent drink vendor.  So I guess different trucks come different days.  But you have to eat outside in a covered patio.  Temperatures were in the 90s and I was sweating like a stuck pig!  But all the Texans seems to take it all in stride!

Robbie seemed like a really nice, fun loving guy that I imagine everyone likes.  Hard not to!!

But at dinner I executed step one of a plan Connie and I developed.  I asked Robbie if he was going to ask Laurie to marry him . . . and what would he do now if she got pregnant!!  God it was funny watching him squirm!!  But he managed to avoid answering all the questions like a pro!!

The next day friends and family started gathering and that night about 25 of us went to a concert just north of San Antonio called Gruene Hall.  The concert featured Roger Creager and two of his friends . . . Paul Overstreet and some other song writer whose name I never heard.  But these three guys played only songs the had written!  5 Grammys between them all!!  Songs like "Forever and Ever, Amen", "When you say nothing at all" and many many more!  Unfortunately . . . I missed all but 30 minutes of the concert!  I got to play chauffeur for someone who made a mistake and told their babysitter they would be home by 10 PM!!!  Damn!  This was my big regret of the whole weekend!!

The rehearsal dinner, dance after the dinner with Max Stalling, the wedding and the reception all were fantastic!  Here are some pictures . . .

My son and his soon-to-be bride, Aly, at the rehearsal dinner.

My wife, Connie, and I . . . two proud and lucky parents.

Me, Connie and Michael just before the wedding.

Michael and Aly Lilley!

My beautiful daughter, Laurie, with me at the reception!

Such a great time seeing everyone and getting a new daughter to boot!!

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