Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another quick update . . .

After 5 days wearing that boot I had had enough!

The lack of support allowed my toes to move around and every time my little toe moved it simply hurt like hell!  I was having three very different kinds of pain: 
  1. A burning literally all the time.  Not terrible, but it just burned.  I guess it was the pin getting moved around some.
  2. the ball of my foot hurt anytime I put weight on the foot.  Didn't matter if all the weight was on the heel . . . the ball of my foot hurt!  So I lost the ability to carry stuff around the house!
  3. When my toe moved it it REALLY hurt.
I had started back taking acetaminophen for some relief.

So during the weekend I had had enough!  Called the doctor early Monday morning and by noon I had another cast on!

Virtually instant pain relief!!  And the pain has stayed away.  Guess the movement allowed by the boot was the problem.

So now just 10 more days on no weight bearing and this cast and they'll remove the pin.  Not sure want happens after that.  I'm pretty sure there will be some PT.  Maybe a boot . . . just not sure.

But I'm pretty sure I'll be off crutches and THAT will be awesome!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quick update

Just a quick update . . .

Last Monday they removed my cast and took out my stitches.  Everything is looking good!

Here is a picture while the cast was off . . .
Toes still a tad swollen but lookin' good!

The doctor had told me that we would put another cast back on for another 2 weeks.  Well . . . he changed his mind some.  He decided to let me try using a special surgical boot that will only allow me to put weight on my heel.  Totally impossible to walk in, but it does make life WAY easier!  Now I can do a weird 1/2 step and carry a glass or a plate from my kitchen to my den!!  Woo Hoo!  Can't go far but this is a nice bit of freedom!

The bad news is the doctor wants me to stay this way for three weeks instead of two.

I had to go back and see him on Thursday.  The pin in my toe must have twisted some and it was rubbing on "the little piggy that had none" making him quite unhappy!  But they twisted the pin some and re-wrapped everything with more padding and that took care of it!

Quite honestly, I wish I had a cast on instead of this boot.  The boot does allow my toes to move some and whenever that happens the pin in my toe complains!!  Loudly!  I believe a cast would support my toe better which would make these 3 weeks less painful.  But now one of those three weeks is almost over and only two weeks to go!  Not sure what will happen then . . .  PT I guess.

But in spite of this whining I'm really doing fine!  Honestly.

On a side note I mailed a letter to the doctor that missed the second dislocation.  Not surprised that I haven't heard a word from him.  Most doctors just seem to find it almost impossible to admit that they made a mistake.  Guess he thinks if he admits he made a mistake I would sue him.  But if he would admit it and apologize . . . it sure would make it easier for me to forgive him!  And I really would like to get past this.  I admit that right now I'm having trouble moving on.  Just angry that I'm having to go through all this extra pain and downtime.

But on a positive note I was already such a slow runner that this probably won't even make a noticeable difference in my pace!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just a little TMI

Just back from my 1st follow-up visit after my foot surgery.

Doctor believes everything is looking really good!  Bone alignments look good!  So here is the plan of action:
  • Another week in this crazy cast.  Doctor did confirm that my weird foot position is intentional so that I never bear weight on my right foot.  Damn effective in my opinion! NO WAY I could put any weight to speak of on this foot!!
  • Next Monday they will take this cast off and remove my stitches.  Then . . . unfortunately put on another cast, just like this one!  Damn . . . not what I was hoping for!  Two more weeks without any weight-bearing . . . ugh!
  • Then I go back to the doctor and they will remove the second cast and may remove the pin holding everything together . . . or not.  Either way the may put another cast on for another 2 weeks but they may not!
One other bit of information . . . the doctor had a chance to look at my original x-rays and talked me through them.  Clearly my first doctor just simply missed the second dislocation.  It showed up on every x-ray.  If you look at the x-ray in the previous post and look at the little toe you can see there is not a clear definition of each bone like there is with every other toe bone.  The end of the smaller bone is actually riding below the longer metatarsal bone.

Have no idea right now as to when I may be able to run again but I'm pretty sure I'll be running again!  And that is the important thing!

But for right now and for at least three more weeks I'll be pretty much sitting in my chair.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Okay . . . I need a new plan!

As if you couldn't tell . . . Vol State to totally out for the this year!

I must have pissed off the running gods or something, but my fitness today is honestly equal to your normal couch potato.  I haven't run in so long I feel like a "poser" when I wear one of my running shirts!  I'm honestly certain I could not run 1/2 mile right now . . . seriously!  And that is assuming my foot would be okay!
Which I guess it is . . . now.  Once everything heals up.  I believe the doctors have finally identified my remaining problem . . . a second bone in my foot (5th metatarsal) was dislocated in the ladder accident but the doctor couldn't / didn't see the second dislocation!

I finally got a second opinion and the new doctor found the dislocation immediately!  So last Monday I had surgery to repair all the damage, scar tissue, etc. due to the bone being dislocated for almost 9 weeks.  Doctor said my foot was "really, really messed up."   He had to "pin" my toe/s and I've been in a cast where I cannot do any weight-bearing.

Tomorrow I have my follow-up visit to find out details about all that he had to do and what the future looks like.  I'm very excited to get some information!!  And hopefully I'll get a new cast where the foot is in a "natural" position and I maybe can walk some!!  Got to admit that using crutches 100% and essentially just sitting in a chair with my foot elevated is getting boring!!!

Plus, using a cast with no weight-bearing is just plain HARD!  Back when I was in my 30s, 40s and even 50s, this wouldn't be so hard.  But now that I'm in my mid-60s my body just doesn't respond like it use to.  Damn body!

So once I start to get some idea about how long it will likely be until I can start training again, I can scope out a plan of action.

At least I can drive (using my left foot only) and yesterday I went to the 2013  Boogie 50 miler, one of my favorite races!  I had originally signed up to run the 50 but that was now impossible.  But I did start the race on my crutches and went for maybe 20 yards . . . then I DNFed (Did Not Finish)!  But ultra runners say any DNF is better than a DNS (Did Not Start)!

It was great getting out and see so many of my running friends!

By the way, I thought some of you might like to the the first dislocation.  See if you can see the 4th metatarsal dislocation!!   I'm guessing you could!!  You are better than Halifax Regional Hospital ER . . . they didn't see it!!  Idiots!

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