Monday, June 10, 2013

Just a little TMI

Just back from my 1st follow-up visit after my foot surgery.

Doctor believes everything is looking really good!  Bone alignments look good!  So here is the plan of action:
  • Another week in this crazy cast.  Doctor did confirm that my weird foot position is intentional so that I never bear weight on my right foot.  Damn effective in my opinion! NO WAY I could put any weight to speak of on this foot!!
  • Next Monday they will take this cast off and remove my stitches.  Then . . . unfortunately put on another cast, just like this one!  Damn . . . not what I was hoping for!  Two more weeks without any weight-bearing . . . ugh!
  • Then I go back to the doctor and they will remove the second cast and may remove the pin holding everything together . . . or not.  Either way the may put another cast on for another 2 weeks but they may not!
One other bit of information . . . the doctor had a chance to look at my original x-rays and talked me through them.  Clearly my first doctor just simply missed the second dislocation.  It showed up on every x-ray.  If you look at the x-ray in the previous post and look at the little toe you can see there is not a clear definition of each bone like there is with every other toe bone.  The end of the smaller bone is actually riding below the longer metatarsal bone.

Have no idea right now as to when I may be able to run again but I'm pretty sure I'll be running again!  And that is the important thing!

But for right now and for at least three more weeks I'll be pretty much sitting in my chair.


  1. I know it's driving you crazy but it's good to see you on the mend.

  2. Hang in there Frank!


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