Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quick Update

Resolution Run 5k is over and I guess it was a success in my eyes.  I ram probably 3/4 of the distance . . . though very, very slowly!  My time was 39:52 or a 12:52 pace!  Without a doubt my slowest 5k EVER! 

But I do feel fairly good about those results.  My training consisted of 1-3 mile walks and one run of about 1 mile the day before!!  Not what you would really call "training."

I'm finding it difficult to do much real training. Partially a time problem but mostly a distance problem . . . the 6 inches between my ears!  I've got to develop a routine!!

Anyway . . . not much of a running update but it's all I got!

I did have a PRK procedure done on my left eye on Tuesday (Jan 6th). After the numbing drops wore off it hurt like a MOTHERF%&KER for several hours.  But then . . . withing 15 minutes the pain simply went away and hasn't returned!  Doctor thought that was odd . . . but lucky! Seems when they say "mildly uncomfortable" they really mean "this is going to really hurt."  Anyway, this is all behind me and I can't wait to see how much my vision in that eye has improved.  It had gotten quite bad after all those retina tears this last spring.

Contact comes out Friday and maybe then I'll be able to see . . . Hahaha!!

Next race . . . The Sweetheart 5kon February 14th!  Planning a sub 39!!!  Hahaha!!

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