Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'mmmmm BBBBBaaaccccckkkkk!!

Hell yes!!!   I'm a "runner" again!

Okay nothing crazy.  Wednesday, I was walking with my Y buddies in Rocky Mount . . . they agreed to walk with me instead of their normal routine!  At the end of our 3.1 mile walk my foot was still feeling good so I decided to run just a little and see how it did.  I only ran maybe 100 - 150 yards.  But no pain at all!  I couldn't quit smiling the rest of the day!!

So Thursday I again did 3.1 miles but walked 3 minutes / ran 1.  I was tired by the end but no foot pain!  Friday I went 2.7 miles walking 2 minutes and running 1 minute.  Very hard to finish the interval but I did!  And still no foot pain.  And that same day my PT and I agreed that I had progressed far enough that I could do the rest on my own!

My legs were tired so I decided to take today off running (Saturday) but I plan what I believe will be a hard Sunday . . . planning to try 6 miles!  I will start doing the 2/1 and I know there is no way I could do that for the full six miles.  So I'll just adjust the intervals on the fly!  Also, all my runs have been in the heat of the day, so my Sunday run will be in the morning before things heat up!

I am so excited and feel like that finally "the shit is over" and now it is simply a process to rebuild my fitness.  Is everything perfect?  Well, no.  Foot is still swollen and discolored.  But walking and running seem to have no impact on it . . . positive or negative.  So I'm just not worrying about it anymore! 

I see my doctor Monday and get to tell him what I'm doing!  Maybe I won't even come clean!  I do think I am going to have him fit me for another pair of orthodics . . . I'm thinking that my right foot is now quite different than it was before.  Doctor may want to wait a few months to see if the swelling goes down before he does do any fitting.  Guess we'll see.

Oh . . . one positive by-product of this foot problem is that my hip pain seems to have almost gone away!!  Guess it needed time to heal! I am totally amazed!  Every once in awhile it feels like it's slipping out of joint (really a minor labrum issue), but not much and the pain doesn't last!

In the mean time I'm feeling like a kid again!  Okay . . . maybe not quite that good!  But I'm feeling GREAT!  And I'm in the best mental place I've been in quite awhile!

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