Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another 'whinning' blog . . . I suggest NOT reading this. Even I'm bored.

I'm a frickin' moron!  Actually . .  a 'hypochondriac moron' to be exact!

Every day it's something else!  A few common threads over time but basically I'm a mental train-wreck!

Monday - felt good and had a fun day running; 96°
Tuesday - another good day running; 98°
Wednesday - Took the day as a rest day; 100°
Thursday - suffered from heat and a hip that started hurting again; 95°; hip hurt all day and night.
Friday - okay run; hip was fine . . . zero pain; 90°  But post run, my hip is starting to hurt again.  But not bad.

So I decided to do two Medoc laps (about 17 miles) Saturday morning.  As I left the house it started to rain!  PERFECT day!  Nice and cool!  I totally love running in the rain!

I planned to meet 9 runners from Richmond, VA who were coming to the Medoc Trail Marathon this fall and wanted to check out Medoc trails.  We met at the picnic shelter and at about 8:15 we headed out.  And my hip felt great!

These guys and gals were much faster then me and after about 1 1/2 miles they went on, leaving me to poke along, splashing in the puddles!  I did take a saw with me and did a little trail work along the way.  But after passing the graveyard near Firetower, the hip started complaining.  And by the time I got to the creek, it was just plain hurting!

Every time I walked, the horseflies attacked!  And they were vicious!  Never seen them this bad.  Meltdown folks are going to love them!!

Coming back towards the shelter on Discover Loop, I saw a huge limb hanging in the trees.  When I pulled it down it totally blocked the trail so I had to saw it into parts to clear the trail.  All the while the horseflies were having a feast on me!  Took 10-15 minutes to clear everything.

Then, about 1/4 mile later there was another tree down, totally blocking the trail! Just my luck!  Another 20 minutes for the horseflies to have their way with me!

Finally I got back to the picnic shelter and I knew I was done!  Damn hip was killing me,

Back at the house and it's getting worse and worse.  And I really can't pinpoint where it hurts.  It just hurts!  Almost makes me nauseous.
Okay . . . it's a few hours and a second dose of ibuprofen later . . . the pain has eased.  And I'm walking with just a little limp!

We'll see how she feels in the morning.  If I have any hope of some marathons / ultras this fall I need at least 15 miles this weekend.  Maybe the road will be easier then the trail.  Don't worry . . . I'll do loops around the neighborhood assuming that I feel like trying it at all.
Now it's Sunday morning.  And it's weird - almost no hip pain this morning!!!  Yesterday I was suffering . . . couldn't move without pain.  Now, one day later, I'm virtually pain free.

For the most part this is GREAT!  Pain gone!  But from another perspective it's not.  No way I can go to see a doctor when my hip isn't hurting.  I would feel like a fool (well . . . maybe even more like a fool then I normally feel!)

But even with the pain relief I don't think I'll run today.


  1. Sorry to hear it! I think I commented on your hip before, but it sounds exactly like the labral cartilege irritation I had earlier this year after Umstead. Indistinct pain, which doesn't seem to have any particular pattern. I did a lot of stretching and eventually (a few months), it just faded away on it's own. Exactly like my ortho doc said it might... Labral irritation is truly irritating... Feel better!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes. The only stretching I do is stretching my hips! But I will stay after it! Hopefully this is just something that will just go away! But even if it does, I'm pretty sure I'll come up with some other minor ache or pain to fuss about!!

  3. Be sure to use the foam roller. It will help you work through all of these little irritants. In my opinion though, all of this is heat related. As soon as it cools, you will be a new man and excited about getting out there.

  4. I have a friend who just ran Ragnar and got a torn hip flexor. It sounds remarkably like what you are describing and she keeps working on it as well- she seems to think a two hour spinning class is a rest day. Be careful!

    Love the blog!

  5. hmm.. well good.. you are into exercise.. i would like to run.. bt dont know i get tired very soon.. please mention more about your workout routines and exercises..


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