Thursday, August 25, 2011

One bad apple . . .

Forgive me for this post.  I shouldn't write anything when I'm mad.

As many of you may know, this last weekend Cam Kelly and I hosted the Medoc Meltdown 50k . . . a Fat Ass run around Medoc Mountain State Park.  We had 61 sign up and 51 showed up to run . . . our biggest group yet.

Cam and I intentionally try to encourage everyone to come out and run.  You don't have to try the full 50k.  The shortest loop is about 3.3 miles and if that's all someone want to run . . . hey . . . we're happy and glad they chose to come out and spend some time with us!  We get several folks every year that are trying trail running for the very first time!  I love it!

For simplification sake we posted the Medoc Meltdown results on the Rocky Mount Endurance Club (RMEC) web site.  We did this for two reasons . . . 1) next year the Meltdown will be hosted by RMEC and 2) it may bring a few new people to the RMEC club site.

Now, don't get me wrong . . . the Meltdown is a 50k ultra event and I hope more and more folks choose to try the longer distance.  I love ultrarunning and I love ultra runners!  But we're happy to have any runner or walker show up.  And we'll stay until the last person finishes . . . no time cut-off.

As a group, ultra runners are the most supportive, encouraging folks I've ever been around.  And there is inspiration surrounding each and every person.  Each runner has their own stories of their own challenges and frustrations.  These stories are shared as inspirations to everyone else.  NEVER have I been made to feel like a second-class runner because I'm so slow.  Ultra runners do nothing but encourage and celebrate my little accomplishments with me. Never "look down their noses" at my slow times.

Guys like Rick Grey.  Rick has finished more 100 mile runs then I have ultras!  And he is always up near the front of the pack!  But Rick is there at the finish of every event, cheering finishers . . . until the last one comes in.  And at Boogie this year he even hung with me to try and help!  That's right, Rick . . . walking with me at the end of the line!  Encouraging every step of the way!

Or Laura MacLean.  Laura wins races but then stays to cheer too!  And unless you ask Laura you'll never know she won the frickin' race!  That's just the way she is!  Awesome person!

So maybe you can understand my frustration with a single 'bad apple' that has to make condescending remarks on the RMEC site about the club and runners that haven't tried an ultra.  Why on earth would someone want to make comments like that?  I just don't understand.

Most ultra runners would be telling folks "You can run an ultra if you try!  It's not really as hard as it sounds!I''ll help you!"

NOT belittling folks who run less then ultra distances.

There . . . I feel a little better . . . .


  1. There will always be the haters. Always. I'm sure I come across as one of them when I am having a bad day, so I try to believe that when things like that happen it is just their turn for a bad day.

    But they do make me angry.

    Please don't let the one bad apple get you down. As a person who hasn't gotten up the cojones for a 5k yet, much less anything else, I have to say- haters like that make me want to reel them in someday when I work my way up to a race like yours. I am a competitive little twit, and I totally feed on those sorts of people in other parts of my life, so I assume running will be no exception.

    Let them moan about me being a wimp. I'm okay with that. Because I know I will pass them in the end. As long as they don't bring you down because frankly I love reading your posts. If they make you too angry, I may have to pause in my slowness to trip them at the beginning.

    You rock. Always remember that.

  2. You're right, Frank. That was just a sorry attitude on the commenter's part, especially for a Fat Ass event. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, even stupid opinions.

  3. I'm surprised he made that comment. I met him for the first time at last year's Meltdown and thought he's a heck of an inspirational runner. Must be a rough night at his house.

    Last year I did my longest run ever at Meltdown. Unfortunately I missed it this year due to prior commitment at another event in WV, will tell you about that one during Hinson. Hopefully no conflicts next year, because I miss Medoc.

    I'm going to bring Jade out to Medoc on Sunday of Labor Day weekend to do a lap. Maybe we'll see you there?

  4. I know it pisses you off but honestly small minded people aren't worth the heartbeats it takes to get mad. They are better spent pumping blood and oxygen to your muscles for running...

  5. Thank you for your kind comments Frank. Ultra runners are the most supportive group of individuals that I have ever met. Let that comment just roll right off. We know who we are and that we are here to support and encourage everyone. There is more to running than running fast and you prove that by hosting an event such as Meltdown.


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