Saturday, November 15, 2008

Richmond Marathon - Great!

First I did a little better here . . . ran a 5:33 and felt really good, in spit of doing OBX last weekend. Quite frankly I had absolutely no ill effects from the marathon last weekend . . . go figure!

For the first 15-16 miles I ran with a RICHMOND native that was QUITE an inspiration! Tim Samulson was one of the nicest guys I've met in quite a while. Tim lives just south of Richmond, is married with twin 5 year olds. But Tim has had to deal with TWO seperate bouts with cancer. One testicular cancer and the other was a lump of cancer in his neck. After the last fight he promised himself he would run a marathon if he survived.

I can attest that Tim has survived and he finished his marathon with a 5:20 (he ran off and left me at about mile 15-16). Tim . . you made my day, I was impressed with everything about you. Wish I knew your wife and family . . . I'm sure they are GREAT too! Thank you for letting me run with you for a while!

Good to see and talk with Don Garber again. Don is a prince! Hope he comes to the Medoc Re-Run

Richmond changed their course just a little . . . bypassed a really ugly section near the end! Much better!

My Richmond Marathon complaint was I didn't like their shirt . . . AGAIN! Please give me a long-sleeve cotton short and forget the tech shirts . . . ESPECIALLY short sleeved tech shirts!!

All in all , , , A GREAT DAY!

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