Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bay's Mountain 15 miler

I am so excited about this run!

15 miles on my favorite mountain at my hometown! This is my very favorite run, ever. Just have always done this by myself whenever I get to town. But this is a trail race so lot's more people will be doing it too. . . well, it's a race for everyone else, but for me it is a run to savor! A run to enjoy every single step!

I grew up hiking and hunting on this mountain. And since 1974, I've spent hours running here. There is no place better!

First, you have to picture the layout . . . two sharp ridges converge at a single point. Between the two ridges there is a hanging valley with a beautiful lake between. During this run you start from the hanging valley by the lake, run up the mountain to the ridge crest . . . about a 800 elevation gain.

Then, run down one ridge to the convergence, then run back the other ridge. Eventually we drop off the ridge top and circle the lake back to the start ares, then back around the lake on a different trail, and return to the start area. Luckily, the course misses one of the toughest climbs . . . I'm not too sad about that!

This one will be fun! And I'm glad Ron Fleming will get to do this too! Finally someone else to experience this fantastic run!

Late Addition:
Good News! Looks like Amber Poole and Jon Shingleton will also be joining Ron and me at the run!! Can't wait!

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