Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is bigger always better?

Okay . . . this isn't some x-rated blog . . . this is about running you perverted fools!

Runners . . . read on!

Well . . . with some things the answer is definitely YES! A bigger hamburger is always better! Same with a beer.

(You runners are with me, but you x-rated perverted fools are confused! Beer and hamburgers are key to most runners . . . even those runners who have turned away from good, greasy foods and gone "vegetarian" still understand those of us carnivores that remain! And beer is almost universal!)

But when it comes to marathons the answer is not so simple for me.

Just finished the Marine Corp Marathon with over 20,000 of my closest friends.
  • And it was fun!
  • And it was very cool to take a running tour of Washington, DC.
  • And I loved the opportunity to thank so many Marines . . . (but I did feel bad since they were there making OUR day better when WE runners should be making their days better . . . we owe our service men and women so much!)
  • And the crowd support was fantastic! I've never run the New York Marathon and I hear the crowd is unbelievable . . . but Washington must be a close second place! People we just about everywhere and that is neat.
  • And I loved getting my finisher metal from an Marine officer, who made it a point to ceremoniously present me with my medal. I made it a point to ceremoniously tell him what an honor it was for me to get the medal from him and all the Marines who supported this run.

But for this country boy, it was all almost too much. I believe I like a small marathon . . .
  • where most of the time I'm either alone or with only a few people,
  • where I get to know the few people I see on the course,
  • where I can park within 500 yards of both the start and the finish,
  • where there is real food at the finish, not just pretzels, bagels, bananas and raisins.
I do think everyone needs to do a bigger marathon . . . it's quite the experience. But I hope you also try a small race or a trail marathon. Then you decide.

Pictures from the Marine Corp Marathon:


  1. I agree. I really like smaller races 80% of the time.. but I think running in a bigger race like MCM can be a really fun experience and I guess make you appreciate the smaller marathons!
    Great post! and congratulations on your MCM finish!!! WOO!


  2. I'm hoping you celebrated your success at your large marathon, with a large hamburger washed down with a large beer!

    But yes, I agree - smaller marathons amongst friends, especially if they are on trails are much more enjoyable - of course I also agree about the size of burgers (especially if you add cheese and bacon), and beer :)


  3. Congrats again Frank! There is a lot to be said about the more personal marathons.

    The smallest I have done is Umstead, and loved it (in a painful sort of way). I have also hit several of the mega-thons on the east coast. They were good experiences too, but I knew I was a face in the crowd.

    At a small marathon, AT LEAST one person really gets to know YOU. That is something you can't put a price on.

    Like you and I said this week. When you run MCM, you do feel a part of something special that can only be found at MCM. Even being a mega-thon, that makes the race unique.


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