Saturday, January 23, 2010

How long is a "long run"???

Opinions differ.  Guess it depends on where you are in your training.  I sure remember days when a 6 mile run was a long one!  I also remember when a 15 mile run was just a "chip shot!"

Well, today,the answer is simple!  Today, a long run was only 13 miles!  When I headed out this afternoon, I thought a long run would probably be 18-20 miles . . . but I was wrong!

The run felt great!  I had a blast and felt really strong . . . but my new shorts started chafing me!  Plus, I'm planning to do the Fall Lake Run next weekend . . . not sure what I'll do.

Marathon?  Or 50K?  Not sure.  Definitely not the 50 miler!  Then, the next weekend I'm doing the Uhwarrie 20 miler. (Got to admit I wish I had signed up for the 40 mile run.)  So, I'm thinking either marathon or 50k next weekend, then the 20 mile run at Uhwarrie.  Should be fun no matter what I do next weekend!

The day after Uhwarrie,  I'm flying to Denver.  Then, over to Vail to spend a few days with my daughter, Laurie.  Can't wait!


  1. frank!! good luck at Uwharrie!!!

    and ENJOY colorado!!! LUCKY!!! take pictures!! :o)


    ps. today I only ran 12 miles at grayson highlands and it absolutely kicked my butt.

  2. CHalk it up to a poor day. Must mean that you are fatigued from a solid training dosage. Say hello to Colorado...

  3. You are definitely way crazier than I suspected. A 50K or marathon and then Uwharrie?! You are my hero. Keep running strong!!! Can't wait to see you at Uwharrie.


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