Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Damn you Sharon Scott! Damn YOU!

It all started this last weekend when I got a note from Sharon Scott asking me if I was going to try and get into Umstead this.  Seems Sharon has the memory of an elephant! 

While running a MTC Shirt Run this summer I had mentioned to her in passing that I had missed getting into the Umstead 100 last year.  So, Sharon decides to ask me my plans for this year and was I going to try it and get in for the 2011 race. Now she was sneaky ... she didn't come right out and ask me.  But she told me she was "thinking" about doing it and was "wondering if I would be there.".  I'm sure she knew full well that she was MAKING me think about it.

In truth I had decided to pass on the 2011 run.  Heck, I probably wouldn't get it anyway and my running has really gotten bad recently.  Of course that truth wouldn't sound good, so I told her I was also thinking about it but would wait and see how my long run went this last weekend.  But my mind was made up at that point in time.  Monday, I told her I wasn't going to try and enter but instead I would be happy to pace &/or crew for her.

But I kept thinking . . .

And today, when my Outlook reminded me that in 5 minutes the Umstead 100 entry process would open.  Well ... folded 'like a cheap pup tent' as Charles West says.  What the heck.  I'll try.  I probably would get in anyway.

But I did get in.  Damn you Sharon! 

Now I'm going to have to get serious again.  Lot's of work to do and weight to lose.  But I'm hoping this will get me going again.  Give me a focus!  A goal to shoot for.  My last (and only!) 100 mile attempt was ill-concieved and poorly planned.  Plus, the weather didn't cooperate at all! 

So I guess this time around I need a real plan.


  1. Woohoo! Just getting in is hard.
    We know you can do it Frank, you are the toughest guy around.

    Shannon and I will be out there cheering you on!

  2. This is wonderful Frank. You certainly have something to focus on now, so it is time to begin having fun. You will survive and conquer this 100. Umstead is a wonderful place for your first 100 or your 100th. I got in yesterday too and I was certainly happy to receive that confirmation email.

  3. @AC - Just wish that were true! But I'll sure look forward to the support!

    @Rick - Thanks for the vote of confidence! Look forward to seeing you at Umstead ... if not before!

  4. For sure at Umstead. Bays Mountain is next weekend if you are able to get to Kingsport. All of the Iron Mountain gang will be there and we would love to see you. The next place I think we might see you is at Black Mountain. We will all be there. Hopefully you are running. If not, there is still open spaces in the marathon, so get registered. Have a great weekend.


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