Monday, October 18, 2010

Medoc Trail Races - Done

It is a labor of love!

But there is a lot of labor involved.  Thank goodness there are four of us that share the load:  Ron Fleming, Scott Wingfield and Michael Forrester.  Each of us has our own parts that we are primarily responsible for but we all just share the decision-making so well.  Together we are so much better then we are individually.

And the real magic comes from all the people who volunteer their day to make a runner's day wonderful.  Their spirit is clearly felt by the runners!  And we had some unbelievable great volunteers.  These are just good people who care and have such positive attitudes!

I sure hope every single runner enjoyed themselves!  I believe they did!  And we've already started trying to determine what we did well that we must keep doing, and what we can definitely do better (we tend to focus a lot here!).

Lot's of ideas for next year and we're reading and analyzing all the feedback we've gotten on 1), 2) Facebook and 3) the e-mails we've gotten.  Nothing is edited!  We love the positive comments but we learn so much from suggestions and criticisms.

We're tired but invigorated!  Can't wait until next year ... year 4!

Check out our race website and 'friend' Medoc Trail Races on Facebook for a lot of comments and links to pictures!

PS  By the way, each year we have what we call the Medoc Re-Run . . . a repeat primarily for race volunteers.  No frills ... almost FA style.  Run free and get no shirt, medal or finisher's surprise.  Or we charge a little to get what you want!  Contact me if you're interested.  It will be November 27th this year.

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