Friday, March 18, 2011

Umstead 100 Race Number Numerology

Okay . . . Umstead100 race numbers are assigned and all the analysis is complete.  So here are the race number numerology results.

Now remember, all this indicates is how much assistance or drag you will get from your race number.  Some are definitely faster than others.  But you can still do well with a bad number . . . it will just be harder for you.  Plus, a fast number doesn't mean your Umstead100 results will definitely be good.  It only means your race number is not going to hinder you.  You still have some work to do!

Okay . . . here are the results!


  1. Well jeez thanks Frank, it is hard enough to run my first 100 mile race, now this puts me in the bottom 30. You do realize the bottom 100 from last year didn't finish. What does that say about my chance of finishing?

  2. Well, that explains why Serge usually wins

  3. Since race directors usually sort their lists alphabetically and the assign numbers all you As, Bs and Cs just have an unfair advantage! We need to bring this science to race directors for a sense of fairness!

  4. My quality index is 82, so I guess I will not be in too bad of shape, but it certainly not Serge's at 1,305!

  5. Is there a cheat sheet that explains how you arrived at those results, something for the numerology-challenged folks like me?

  6. @Ash - Go to my blog entry for May 18, 2009 . . . just a brief introduction!

  7. Race number numerology. This is why we love you:)

  8. I'm a believer now. For a first timer, I believe 90 is a minimum to overcome the inexperience. Stephanie, Valerie, and Charles are all above 90 and finished. Amy, Lauren, Jeff and I are all way below 90 and DNF'ed.


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