Thursday, April 28, 2011

A feudal effort . . . but an effort none the less!

Talk about 'no pressure' races.  This coming weekend's race in Goldsboro is nothing but fun!  All excuses are set in stone.  Lot's of reasons to not do well!

But, you never know what to expect on race day!  Anything can happen . . . ANYTHING!

Legs could feel tired.  But legs COULD feel strong!  No possible way to predict which legs will show up Saturday.  But no reason to feel defeated before I start!

I'm guessing by 20-30 miles I'll pretty much know how I'll feel.  But even then, you really just don't know!  The ups and down / peaks and valleys of an ultra run continue to amaze me!  In 5 minutes I can go from feeling like I'm ready to die, to feeling like I could just go on forever!  I've learned to NEVER make a snap decision ultra running.  Be sure you go for 10 miles or so, at least!!  Things change!

Here is what I hope . . .
  • I get to 50 miles before I even start thinking.
  • I can stay moving until at least daylight.  I've never gone past 2:30 am!
If I do those two things I'll feel good about my day.  Past that . . .
  • 75 miles would be awesome . . . the furthest I've ever gone.  I sure would like to do that!
  • If I could make it to 75 miles by 9 am . . . damn . . . I would have a chance!  Rick Grey tells me that THAT should be my goal and then passion would take me in!  We'll see!
But realistically, 100 is a pretty far 'out there' goal.  Virtually impossible for me, given my current training and rest condition.

But, like I said . . . you never know what to expect on race day!  Anything can happen . . . ANYTHING!  But one thing I promise . . .

I WILL have fun!


  1. 75 miles and see where it goes from there. Remember short goals. Don't know where you are running, but maybe one hour to the next are resonable goals. You will be in my thoughts this weekend. I know you will give all you have to give.

  2. Futile? or are you running in the Middle Ages?

  3. How did it go? Hope it was a good one! :)


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