Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 10 advantages to not running . . .

Okay . . . been thinking about this!  The top 10 advantages to not running . . .

10.  I've cut in half the amount of washing I do each week!

9. No race entry fees to pay!

8. I get to eat a 'real' lunch each day rather then either Subway or Starkist Lunch-To-Go Tuna.

7. Not having to listen to all the bad jokes told at the Y every day!

6. No travel expenses for a race!

5.  No running shoes purchases in months!  My shoes may be dry rotting, but they aren't wearing out!!

4.  My gel supply hasn't need to be replenished since June!

3.  My resting heart rate no longer freaks out my doctor!

2.  It doesn't matter that I haven't moved all my summer running clothes out to make room for my warmer winter clothes.

And finally . . .

1. When I get in my car to go home, it doesn't have that smell of sweaty running clothes that have had all afternoon to 'ripen!' 

So with all these great reason to be happy not running, why do I miss running so much?

Hopefully . . . this Thursday my doctor will tell me I'm okay to start running again!  I've got my fingers crossed! 

Ahhhh . . .  I can smell those sweaty clothes in the car already!


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