Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maybe I spoke too soon . . .

Okay . . . maybe I slammed this product too early!  If you remember, I was dogging this product for false advertising.  I had used this for maybe a month and I had noticed absolutely no improvement in my endurance after using this!  I was religious in my use of the product and followed directions to the letter.  But nothing . . .

But this weekend at the Virginia 24 hour Run . . . something very strange happened.  I did good!  Seriously.  Good.

Leading up to this event my longest run had been 11 miles . . . and the last two of those miles were a hobble back to the car after my hip shut down.

But this weekend . . . I completed 50 miles at this race and only had limited hip issues.  So not only did this product work to improve my endurance so that I could cover 50 miles . . . but I'm also thinking that MAYBE there is a medical healing property that "Old Spice" isn't capitalizing on!

As a matter of fact, I plan to bring this product up with my surgeon, Dr. David T. Jones.  Maybe he needs to start including the use of this in his post-surgery instructions.


  1. That does it! I'm buying a case of that stuff...

  2. Thats funny stuff, Frank. Maybe I need some before June, but I realize it is made for a man......but is it strong enough for a woman? patti

    1. Probably not . . . but maybe it IS strong enough for a woman!! :-) But I do wonder if the initial swim might wash away some of the benefit . . . .

  3. Frank, it says right there on the bottle. It only works on GAME DAY.

    1. Brilliant!!! Nothing ever gets by you . . .

  4. Maybe I should rub it on my heel...


  5. Very funny! If rubbing it on works why not make a power gel out of it. High Energy and fresh breath! Or maybe breath that smells like an amrpit?
    I believe there are quite a number of auto products that also claim increased performance...maybe toxic...but who cares.


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