Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boogie Week

Well . . . this week leads to my very favorite race of the year . . . the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie (aka 'The Boogie').
Every year this has been one hard race.  Last year I attempted the "Full Boogie" (50 miles).  I finished DFL (and some might say I really didn't finish at all since I was past the cut-off!).  But still loved it.  It was HOT!  It was HUMID! And it was HILLY . . . as always!  Other years I've done the "Baby Boogie" - 26 miles of the same HEAT, HUMIDITY and HILLS!!  In all the years I've done this race the coolest it has ever been at the start (6 PM) was last year's 94°!  Usually its warmer then that!
That is just what The Boogie is . . . But this year it looks like things will be WAY different!

The weather forecast this year says Saturday's high temperature will be 81°.  WHAT??  81°!!  You've got to be kidding me!

No HEAT!  No HUMIDITY!  Only the hills remain . . .
Starting down Bethel Hill

Yesterday, I sent this e-mail to Doug "Boogieman" Dawkins (Race Director) -

"Are you going to cancel Boogie this year due to the predicted terrible weather?   . . . Cloudy with some sun . . . 81° high.

This is going to TOTALLY spoil the Boogie reputation if we have it!!!"

Doug's response . . .

"No, but long sleeves, gloves and knit headgear may be an option."

So . . . if Doug insists on having the race as scheduled I guess I'll still go.  It's always fun to see everyone.  Boogie is almost like an annual clan meeting that every family member must attend!  But is just won't be the same this year.

Maybe there will be more snakes than usual . . .


  1. Go get it, Frank! Maybe Bobby C. will have an extra winter parka you could borrow to make it more legit!!

  2. It had to be THIS year that I miss..... dang!

    1. You should come and run it anyway . . . why not! Just don't use their aid!! Why don't you all do that??

  3. Are you doing the 50 again? I forgot what you have shared. I will be there to score the last 4 miles of last year's 46/50. No Vibrams this year, shod with an assortment of shoes. I am also dealing with a torn miniscus but I am ready to battle!!!

    1. Chris . . . I so remember seeing you as you were making the turn back to the start finish! Good luck this year. Slow and easy does it. Me . . . I'm just doing the 'Baby Boogie' this year. I'll be there after cheering you to your victory! (This is unless you finish your 50 before I finish my 26.2!!!)

  4. When I dropped last year I think it was about 7 AM. So I guess I need to be realistic about what that additional 4 miles might mean. But that doesn't mean I can't aim high. But I expect you will finish before me, with better looking feet.
    I am going to try and get out to the race early enough to relax and enjoy the weather.
    See you there.


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