Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick update . . .

Last Wednesday I had my hip injected with something similar to cortisone.  Unfortunately, it appears the injection did more harm than good.  Even with ultrasound, injection placement can't be perfect every time.  The Bloody 11w 100 miler starts this Saturday morning.  Doctor says no running, walking or biking until then.

This is frickin' awesome!!

  • Another reason / excuse to NOT finish this "bad boy"
  • Another reason that when I DO finish it may be the most incredible athletic performance in this century! I'll probably be ask to be on a Wheaties box.
Okay . . . that is so far from true it's not even funny!  But all this adversity is definitely giving me added fire!
I will start.  And I promise I will give this a 100% effort.  But I won't do something that will cause me harm.  But can you imagine the feeling when I finish this???


  1. Hey Frank! Have you worked out the logistics for this? Mike

  2. I believe so Michael . . . at least I have a plan! Folks that have done this one before me said that likely nothing will follow 'the plan' though! Just roll with the punches!

  3. You better break out that body wash you used at Hampton... the "high endurance" wash that got you 50 miles when you were sure you had 5 to give. Frank, you are awesome and I wish you the best of luck. Follow your plan, fight for it and don't think to hard. I often think about Ray's advice to me when I was having a hard time in the middle of a 6 hour... just before he ran off as I walked in pain, he said "Sometimes things hurt"... and then he ran away. For some reason, that motivated me to accept that things that are hard to do often hurt... a lot (that is why they are hard to do). This leads me to something Dave J. told me when we first met and were running trails together, just before I started running anything at a decent speed. I was very cautious and careful and he asked why I trained the way I did (low mileage, lots of rest, slow paces). I told him that I didn't want to get hurt. He was confused. He then just matter of factly shared that he doesn't understand trying to avoid hurt, he just sees getting hurt as something that will happen... and then expects to recover, get better, and run again. I think of those comments often when racing. Sometimes they help. But other times, I just know that Sometimes it is ok to stop because I have nothing to prove and if I did turning myself into a broken down hot mess isn't going to prove it. Often if a few more miles may are worth the inevitable injury (or worsening of it), i DNF and save myself (not the popular "tough" way to be... but I already know I can be tough when it counts and we all know this about you too). What ever happens happens and the most important part of this race is that you are courageous enough to show up and give it 100% of what you got to give knowing you are not 100% at the moment. Go out there and have a great run and post your 100 mile time when you finish :)


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