Sunday, October 28, 2012

Medoc Marathon 2012 - Re-Run

Medoc "put it on me" . . .

It was just a good, old fashion "ass-kickin' . . . and I took it like a man.  But it was an "ass-kickin' " none the less.

For the first lap and a half I had my buddy, Chad Wollenburg, with me and this made all the difference.  Chad must have scared Medoc because while he was there it really wasn't so bad.  Lap 1 was just fun (isn't it always??  :-)  )  Temperatures were perfect and just a little windy . . . Hurricane Sandy must have stayed east or something because we never got rain nor all that much wind.

Bridges were SLICK as usual.   There was a huge dead tree down that almost totally blocked a bridge down by the creek on Summit Loop and Chad took a really bad crash during his 1/2 loop . . . I was right behind him and I didn't see Medoc do it . . . so maybe it was just a slip.  Or maybe Medoc was under the bridge and tripped him.  I didn't check.

There were probably 60-70 young Civil Air Patrol members on a training exercise and I saw them all day.  (Thankfully they moved that dead tree on the bridge!).  I'm guessing all these folks just upset Medoc and by afternoon he was just simply pissed!  And guess who he took it out on?

When Chad left we had finished about 14.5 miles or so and we had maintained a slow but steady run/walk interval most of the way.   But when Chad left, things got harder!

Every 15 minutes or so something new would start hurting!  Then it would go away, only to be replaced by a different pain!  Hip would hurt for awhile, then my knee, then my foot, then . . . (you get the picture!)  Nothing serious at all.  Just pains! 

Old and out of shape is not a very good combination.  I can't do anything about being old, but I can do something about my lack of conditioning.  Someone once told me that every run and every race is simply training for your next one.  So training has begun.  But I have a long, long way to go.

And that damn Medoc had better just leave me alone!  Whinning . . . complete . . . as is the Medoc Marathon 2012!

Now where is my medal???

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