Saturday, February 1, 2014

Foot update #167

Well . . . I wish I could say I'm 100% well and running strong!  But I don't want to lie!

Actually the doctor hasn't told me I can even "walk normally" yet!  So it's way early.  But I'm anxious and want to see how everything is!

Honestly . . . a normal person would have delayed the surgery I had . . . maybe for months . . . maybe even longer.  But I was limited to 6-8 miles running and that just plain wasn't enough.  Plus . . . things were getting worse and worse . . . not better and better.  So I opted to go ahead ASAP and have the surgery.  It seemed worth the risk to me.

So I am hoping for some really great results!  I hope to have more 100 mile runs in my future!

So I'm trying to be patient.  Biding my time to give myself adequate time to heal up from the surgery.

And right now it feels like I still have healing to do!

I know I am supposed to be keeping all my weight on my heel but I've got to admit I haven't been perfect!  Forgive me . . . I have sinned!!!  And when I sin, it becomes clear to me I need more healing time.  I'm just not ready to use my toes to even walk yet . . . let alone run.

My first goal is to be ready to at least WALK the Virginia24 in April.  I really don't want to have to sit on the sidelines two years in a row!  And I'm thinking I just need to be patient.  I want to walk . . . and I want to run! 

But a few weeks really won't matter in the long term scheme of things!

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