Friday, April 18, 2014

Team Off-some!

Starting Saturday morning, April 26th, Team Off-some will ride again!!  This team of twelve "challenged runners" will be competing for greatness at the Virginia 24 hour Run/Walk for Cancer.  (Of course the race should be called the Virginia 24 hour Run/Walk to BEAT Cancer . . . I mean who would run to try and GET cancer!)

Team Off-some is the perfect name for this group of  runners!  Yes, every single one is challenged in multiple ways!  First and foremost, each and every member is quite frankly just plain strange!  I mean . . . who really runs just for fun?  And if maybe you find someone who does just run for fun . . . three miles is plenty!  Anything further is . . . well . . . off-some!

There are some team members that have dreams of covering more than 100 miles with the 24 hour time limit.  Obviously these people REALLY are off-some . . . they're just not right!  Why on earth would ANYONE want to do that?  I mean REALLY . . .  Bless their hearts . . .

Other team members have other, less off-some goals . . . some plan to strive for 75 miles!  Why?  I have no freakin' idea!  Others hope to complete 50 miles . . . the minimum distance to get an award!  Okay . . . I can kind of understand that.  At least they will hobble away with something more than a t-shirt!!  Probably will give them some bragging right around the house or something.

A few members refuse to stake out a distance goal . . . instead the insist they have a time goal.  They want to "keep going" the full 24 hours . . . no matter how far that takes them.  Honestly this my be the most off-some goal I've heard!  I mean, at least the folks that want to "only" run 100 miles will stop at 100!  But if your goal is 24 hours . . . you just keep going, and going, and going . . .  Why?  Again . .  . I have no freakin' idea why.  But this DEFINITELY qualifies them as a Team Off-some member!!!

Other team members have way less lofty goals!  Goals like "I don't want to embarrass myself!"  Or my favorite . . . the total sandbagger . . . "Maybe I can finish 15 miles . . . I promise I'll try!"  Hahahaha!  You could crawl 15 miles in 24 hours!!!!

And we have one team member who has a freakin' broken foot and can't do the run.  So . . . what does this little idiot decide to do?  Why she wants to come to the race anyway traveling a zillion miles just help out everyone else!  Talk about "challenged!!" She just may be the most off-some member on the team!

While each team member has a running goal . . . some have decided to embrace the race's goal of raising money for the American Cancer Society.  Right now as it stands, Team Off-some has raised $ 2,698 that I know of!  And there is probably more raised that I haven't heard about yet.  Heck . . . I'll add $2 more just to get it to $2,700!!

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  1. I do believe that I belong on this team! (I am running a 24 hour in one month) :)


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