Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cleared to walk!

Yesterday was my first day cleared to try and walk normally!  And honestly walking normally wasn't a problem to do.  No physical therapy needed!!

Went to the Y to be with my Nooners buds. . . Andy, Carol, Joe and me!  My surgeon wanted me to keep my walks to no more than a mile and I was all about following his directions precisely. 

My friends let me set the pace since they knew I was very limited in what I could do!  I started with a decent pace (maybe a 20 minute mile pace) and stopped at one mile exactly!  Just like my doctor said!   Unfortunately that was about 1/2 mile from the Y so I just walked on back.  Let's call it a 1 mile walk with a cool down!  Sweet!

By the end I could feel some foot pain but not bad at all.  And today I feel fine all things considered!

Oddly . . . my toe has shrunk!

Not a huge amount but definitely noticeable. Without a doubt mt days of being a foot model are now behind me!  Unless of course there is a need for a model of weird looking feet!

But all things are looking pretty good right now.  I am limited to short walks through December but then maybe I'll be able to extend the distance some and increase the pace to an actual run!!  Hopefully so.

I seriously doubt if I'll be doing any long distance running again.  Maybe I will be able to . . . but most likely those days are gone.  Oddly . . . I'm not missing them though!  I believe it will be fun to keep my runs to 5-6 miles maximum.  Start running 5ks again!


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