Monday, May 13, 2019

Damn I'm good!!

Okay . . . that a HUGE overstatement!

But I am pretty pleased with my first 5k coming back!  So let me brag a bit!!

Leading in to this first 5k my average pace has topped at 14:15 per mile.  I've been trying to keep my efforts controlled.  I'm keeping my heart rate less than 135 and generally taking it fairly easy!  I figure I have a long, long time to build my strength back.  So I'm talking it slow and easy.

But at the Mill 5k I decided to push it.  Not crazy pushing it . . . but giving it a good go!

Results . . . I average about a 13:00 minute mile!  I admit this is still a VERY slow pace!  But to me I was screaming fast!!  Okay . . . so I just improved some!  But you have to celebrate your accomplishments as you can!!

Honestly I just really happy to be running some again!

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