Sunday, October 26, 2008

Running is a funny thing.

Good days . . . bad days. Who can tell what is going to happen? Sometimes it's easy!

Like when your stretching out your long run. You know those last few miles are going to hurt. Or when the day is hot and humid . . . nothing good ever happens on days like this. But sometimes an totally unexpected day happens.

For me, today was one of those days. Last two weekends I ran 17 miles a did fine. Today the weather was nice and cool, I was going to only run 10-13 miles so I was expecting a "cake walk" of sorts. But what a struggle! I know my training is far from what it should be to do a marathon in two weeks, but I never expected this!

After about five miles a started to struggle. Walked some . . . more than I should have! Oh well . . . I can't do anything about it now. And I've got to remember the exact opposite happens too.

Next weekend is fishing with Michael and James. Going to Morehead City and going out flyfishing for false albacore! I haven't done much saltwater flyfishing so this should be great, going out with a flyfishing guide. We'll learn something for sure! Plus have a ton of fun!

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