Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting Ready

Okay . . . if you didn't know . . . my running goal this year is to run 50 miles.

After a lot of back and forth searches for the "perfect race" to make my try I have settled on something that is not a race at all! I'm going to RUN the Rocky Mount Relay for Life put on by the American Cancer Society on April 24th. While it's not a race at all, I do believe it will be a good place to try to reach my goal.

The Positives
  • It will be flat! No hills on a track!
  • There should be a lot of supportive people around.
  • Aid station every lap.
  • Medical help is always close.
  • A bathroom every 400 meters!
  • A chance to raise money to help in the fight against cancer.
  • I'll have 24 hours to finish.
  • I won't have to drive much after I finish.
The Negatives
  • Going "round and round" may get old REALLY quick. Boring!
  • Walkers will inadvertently get in my way.
  • All the noise (music, PA, etc) may get on my nerves and there will be no way to escape!
All in all, this should be a good place to try. But will I be ready?

I hope so. I ran a 50k race on Jan 9th and another on Jan 31st. I plan to run another 50k in late Feb and one in late March. Plus, two or three marathons in there somewhere. Then, have a two or three week taper.

Hope this will be enough!

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