Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Perfect Day?

What a great day for running!

Headed out this morning at about 9 am. Temperatures were in the low 50s and it was cloudy . . . with no wind! Just a fun day. Ended up doing about 13.5 and managed an 10:50 pace. Not so shabby for me. Just a totally enjoyable run. Did the last 4 miles in my subdivision and I couldn't believe how many people were out walking! And even passed one runner! Wow! The mild temperatures were just want everyone was looking for.

Got my new GPS and tried it out today. I believe it is more sensitive than my old one I lost. Can't wait to try it at Medoc! My old one never worked there so hopefully this new Garmin 205 will do the trick! Maybe tomorrow I go run 6-8 miles there and see. The map part isn't all that great, According to the map, I started my run about 50 yards off-shore! And managed to run about 3 miles in the water!!!

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