Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frosty 50k

Today was a great day at the Frosty 50k!

Temperatures started in the 20s but not too bad at all. The Frosty course takes the group on a nice, flat trail around Salem Lake and then on a paved green way for a couple of miles. Turn around and run back. Lap 1 completed . . . about 15.6 or so. Turn around and do it again! The trail really is pretty flat and very scenic. A great place to run! The Twin Cities Track Club does a nice job with this event. Only thing lacking was I REALLY wanted lobster when I pass the aid station around 23 miles . . . but they told me they had just run out! Go figure! They did offer crab legs but that just wasn't the same!

I wasn't flying but I did well. Passed the marathon point at 5:27 and ended with a 6:38. My previous best was about 8:10, so I REALLY PRed here! Of course, that 8:10 was on a course where we climbed a mountain . . . twice. Plus I got lost and ran an extra 2 miles. But still . . . I PRed!! Whee!! My big accomplish was to not get lapped by the eventual winner! Had to really book it for 2 miles so he wouldn't pass me. He ran a 3:09 50k and a course record.

Frosty 50k comments:
o interesting and beautify course
o nice and flat
o nice shirt (wish it were cotton)
o neat finisher's medal.
o fun people, great crowd!
o volunteers were great. How much do I appreciate the folks who tank their personal time to make our day better? They totally rock!
o aid stations were very good . . . water, Gatorade (or similar) peanut butter, bagels, Krispy Creme donuts, pretzels, M&M, cookies . . . etc.

All in all a REALLY fun race and a great day.

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