Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going for a New Record

This Sunday, I'm going for a CPR at Tobacco Road Marathon and I've got to admit, I'm feeling very good about my chances!  This course is set up for me and my racing skills.  And with a little luck, I have a CYPR too.  And who knows maybe even a APR as well, though that will be a stretch!  Just hope I have a pacer who can keep me on task!

Thinking I may need to get a haircut Saturday to minimize wind resistance.

But I believe I need to borrow a pair of red shoes with orange shoe laces . . .  I hear they are "fast" . . .


  1. good luck, frank!

    it's so funny almost every guy I know who runs gets a hair cut before a big race:o)

    tell me more about these "fast shoes"! :o)

  2. Red shoes are so last year.
    I say do it barefoot.
    The haircut is a great idea. I have found that a good short haircut will increase my speed by 80%-90%
    Also, you will want to cut any tags or logos off your clothes to reduce weight.
    Good luck! Shannon and I will be out there cheering you on!

  3. Jenn - from my blog, see the link to the "Running Down" blog. He has seveloped the "Red Show Theory" . . . but as you can see above, he has moved on is his quest for speed!

    AC has a fairly twisted mind and I'm sure you will enjoy his blog as much as I do!

  4. ac . . . 80%-90% . . . damn . . . Let's see . . 5:45 marathon is just over a 13:00 pace. So reducing that 13:00 pace 90% means I'll be running a 2:30 pace?? Maybe you ment my increase pace will be 80% of my current pace . . . roughly a 10:30 pace is still a 4:35 marathon!!! All Right!! I may shave my head!


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