Thursday, April 22, 2010

Medoc . . . last weekend was just not enough!

Medoc is really pretty this time of year.  Can't help but love the spring!  Wild azaleas blooming!   Tons of wild flowers.  I have no idea of their names but they sure are beautiful!  Even saw this wild ginger growing!

Last Saturday I headed to Medoc for a short run . . . just one loop.  On my way, I passed Bear Swamp and took this shot . . . so pretty!

This coming weekend I was looking for a race.  The Blue Ridge Marathon is being held but couldn't find anyone willing to make the trip.  The Promise Land 50k is also going on but same thing . . . everyone had something going on.  So I'm thinking this Saturday morning will be the "Medoc Pre-May Endurance Run."  Not sure exactly what the race distance will  officially be.  Also, not sure exactly when the gun will fire (probably around 8am),  Plus, the only way to know for sure what the course is would be to run with me,  Run ahead and I'm betting you'll miss a turn!  Two laps for sure . . .maybe more!  Come enjoy the beauty of Medoc Mountain State Park with me!

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  1. Hi, Triple F
    New reader here! I found your blog through Jimbo's blog. I've enjoyed catching up on your recent adventures.

    Have a great day:)


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