Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Goals

I almost decided to wait until the end of 2011 to declare my yearly running goals.  But last night I decided that Groundhog's Day would be a good day for this. 

As this year's 'Grand Popa'  for 'The Royal Order of the Groundhog,' I spent the club's annual night of celebration for our special annual day of festivities - Groundhog's Day Eve I spend time in meditation and  self assessment. In the midst of the sacred and mysterious 'Ceremony of the Groundhog' I decided . . . it's time!  My running goals must me made public . . . the public has a right to know!

Okay, so  . . . now on the the 2011 goals . . . a drum roll please!

#1.  Make sure 2011 is a year of FUN in my running.

#2.  Fastest Marathon - Over 5:30.  Any faster and I'm sure I'm trying too hard.  2011 is totally 'The Year of Fun' and I plan to do my very best to keep this goal in mind.

#3.  Number of Marathons or Ultras - Over 14.  But I don't want to forget #1.  Sort of got a streak going and I don't want to break it!  Average at least a marathon a month.

#4,  75 miles or more at the Umstead 100.
  • Okay . . . there is no way I can achieve both #1 and #4.  It is definitely NOT going to be fun running 75 miles or more.  So this does present a problem.  But my solution is simple . . .  I will exempt the Umstead 100 from my yearly results.  So I have to do at least 13 marathons, etc.  And it will be okay for me to not have fun during this event.  Simple.  I make all the rules.  (Plus, I reserve the right to change the rules and / or my goals at any point during the 2011 year - including 12:59 pm on December 31, 2011.)
#5.  Finish 50 miles at Boogie.  I haven't tried the 50 yet . . . hell, I've essentially died each time I've just done the marathon at Boogie!  Not sure about #1 on this one either.  I may just choose to take my backpacking equipment with me and camp out during the night and finish the next day.  We'll see how all this works out, but I do have to remember goal #1.  But I'm not really worried . . . if I make the rules, and if I can change my goals at any time, I'm confident this will all work out!

#6  Get at least 4 folks to try an ultra for the first time.  I've got my targets set.  They don't stand a change against me!!


  1. Great set of goals. #1 should be on everyones list.
    We will be there cheering you on at the Umstead 100!

  2. How can Umstead not be fun? There will be hundreds of runners and hundreds of pacers cheering you on.

  3. @ac - I'll be looking for you all at Umstead. Just don't try to get behind me at Uwharrie. It's just going to be me and 'The Ghost' back there!!

    @Jimbo - I would agree if I were in a rickshaw with you pulling me! But with me running . . . not that fun after 40 miles or so!! You know better then me . . . you've finished several of these 100 mile mothers!!

  4. Funny how you can havae fun when pain seems to be all around you. I love your #1 goal and that is always doable. As far as #6, I can't wait to read how you are doing in that area. You will have to post when victim #1 is taken down, etc. Umstead and Uwharrie are going to be so much fun. Yea, there will be some pain in there but when all is said and done, the fun far exceeds the bad. See you Saturday.

  5. I will get pictures of you galore!! I am so excited for you about Umstead 100. I bet you will love it. No problem with #1 goal there.


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