Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh My GOD!

This weekend is the 'Pilot Mountain Payback Marathon' . . . a neat trail marathon through Pilot Mountain State Park.

The race organizers have been great so far and I was just reviewing some of the last minute instructions and a list of participants along with each participant's race number.  Numbers started with #300.  And I found mine . . . #339.  Not great but not bad either.  Pretty much average . . . okay . . . just a tad below average.

But I digress . . .

Looking down the list I just had to see who had the dreaded #357 . . . essentially my number at Uwharrie!.  Got to admit I was so relieved it wasn't me I almost didn't look.  But I did . . .

My buddy Jim Plant has #357!!!

Jim . . . All I can suggest is just DNS this race.  Stay home.  You have virtually NO CHANCE of having a good day. 

The worst numbers for this race are:
  • #355  -  Dan Pieroni
  • #357  -  Jim Plant  (essentially my Uwharrie number!)
  • #375  -  Bill Weimer
  • #377  -  Mark Warner
So sorry folks . . .  All I can say is I'm glad I'm not you!!!!   :-)


  1. but what if he ran sideways? would the 7 help him then?

  2. AC - Interesting question. I don't believe that data has every been evaluated. But I'm guessing the '7' would still be bad. But not as bad as the dreaded '5'. Guess it might depend upon if you ran 'sideways, right shoulder first' or 'sideways, left shoulder first.' More study is definitely needed!

  3. He should be able to at least finish the race if he pins his number on upside down....


  4. Tell Jim to turn his number upside down. Maybe that will reverse things from bad luck to good luck!

  5. Does birthdate play into this at all. For instance if these runners were born in March of 55,57,75 or 77 could that reverse the curse??

  6. @Sean - Wow! 'Way out of the box' thinking on this one! You know . . . perhaps this extra bit of information could explain some of the data variences we see in the statistical analysis. Just need more data!!!
    @Rick - I've tried the upside-down trick a few times (mainly the result of pinning my number on after a few too many beers the night before!) and it does seem to help some!


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