Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boogie . . . Next Saturday!

Next Saturday is THE day!  Time to Boogie!

Each year I look forward to the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie races.  I really don't know why.

For the last three years I've 'run' the 'Baby Boogie' and for three years the race has totally kicked my butt.  I suffer and slog my way through the 26.2 miles and finish with an embarrassingly slow time.  Totally shot.  I really don't understand why I came back after my first year.

Hot as hell at the start (6 pm) . . . high 90s.  Then thunderstorms rolled in just after dark.  Got so foggy you couldn't see!  And got TOTALLY soaked.  Then, blisters developed.  Tired, beaten and hurting, I limped to the finish in torrential rains.  The finish line crew was sitting in a car there.  They cracked the window and yelled at me to pick up a mug for my finishers award.

And that year was probably my most enjoyable Boogie!

So . . . . after being beaten down and humbled for three straight years.  Did I sign up for Boogie again this year?  Well . . . sort of.  I did sign up.  But since the marathon has my number and kills me each year I decided to change races and enter the 50 miler.

Okay . . . I admit . . . this decision was made in nice, cool weather and alcohol influenced.  Definitely not thinking clearly when I sent in my entry.  What on earth was I thinking? 

"Okay, I better go ahead and send in my Boogie entry or it will sell out.  The last three years the marathon has totally, 100% kicked my butt.  Do I really want to suffer through another 26.2 Boogie miles.  Hell no!  Soooo . . . maybe I should enter the 50.  How much harder can it be?  Yea . . . that's a good idea.  Enter the 50.  I'll just pace myself and cruise through it.  Yea . . . should be easy!  Yea . . . that's what I'll do!  Enter the 50!  Cool!"

So, next Saturday afternoon, here we go!  It will take a frickin' miracle for me to finish this within the cutoff.  But just maybe a miracle is in the wings!  Extended weather forecast says only high 80s at the start.

Yea . . . this should be easy!


  1. Another wonderful adventure awaits you. See you there for a not-so-hot heat fest with temps only in the upper 80's this year.

  2. What Rick isn't saying is that I have a 'date' with his beautiful wife to run 20 miles of Boogie with me!! So sorry, Rick!!


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