Friday, June 10, 2011

Boogie Prediction

Okay . . . it is REALLY bad luck to predict a future race outcome.

I mean, really . . . 50 miles in the summer.  Who can say what will happen?  Certainly not me!  At least for sure!

But still . . . I'm willing to go out on a limb and predict I WILL finish the 2011 Boogie 50-miler.  Now, realistically I may not be an 'official' finisher.  I'm mean I may possible (ok . . . very likely!) miss the 'official' race cutoff.  And I sure don't blame the race for having one!  But I predict I WILL finish . . . eventually!

There you go!  Nothing like 'staking yourself out' on a race . . . even one as hard as Boogie!  I mean, Boogie has the big three:
1) hills (okay, not mountains, but still hills!),
2) heat (looking like this year's temperatures may not be all that bad . . . only low 90°s, and
3) humidity . . . not as bad as FL in the summer . . . but close!)

I'll do this!


  1. You will for sure do this. See you late this afternoon.

  2. Ahhhh that rain was something else.


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