Friday, May 25, 2012

Bright Night 5k

Not sure exactly why I signed up for this race.  A 2 hour drive each way and the race started at 7pm.  Ugh!  But several friends were going so I knew it would be fun.  Still . . . that's a long way to drive for a 5k!  But, on the positive side, Greenville, NC is pretty flat . . . maybe a relative good time was possible.

Hip acted up during the week but everything felt fine Saturday, so I was in.

Got to Greenville early so I could go by Overton's for a little shopping!  Connie wanted a big island float and I wanted to see what they had.  Plus, I planned to eat early and be ready to run at 7!

Lots of RMEC folks were there and we all had a chance to catch up before the start.  Weather was awesome!  Not too hot . . . no wind . . . really couldn't have been better.

I decided to hang right behind Amber Shingleton and Margaret Bentley for the start.  Initially they went out a little too strong for me, but oddly I caught them pretty soon!  (Not that they were slowing but I ran the tangents while they were being more social!)  Maybe at the 1/2 mile point I passed them but was thinking this was a huge mistake.

Lot's of turns on this course, but not bothersome really.  I intentionally wasn't looking at my watch, so I had no idea what my first mile split was.  But soon after the first aid station, my hip started tightening up some.  I just eased off some and soon the tightness eased off and things returned to normal. 

At about the 1 1/2 mile point I saw Caroline Forrester just up ahead.  I slowly gained on her and soon passed.  But that didn't last long.  Soon she eased back in front of me and I never was able to pass her back.  By the end of the race she had pulled maybe 30 seconds ahead!  She was running really smart . . . cutting the tangents and all.  Very relaxed.  Great job Caroline! 

Then, Margaret Bentley passed me just before the 3 mile mark and just kept pulling ahead!  Margaret is running well!  Look out Hinson Lake!  Margaret is going to be ready for you this year!

Soon after Caroline passed me I walked maybe 15 yards and then started back running.  Had to walk once more before the end and I was dead on my feet!  I listened to the crowd at the last turn and knew that there was nobody lurking and ready to pass me at the end.  Thank God!  Cause I had noting left to hold them off! 

My time was a blazing 31:36 . . . that's a 10:13 pace.  That's hard with I think about what I used to run a 5k in . . . but still . . . I had nothing left at the end, so I did my best that night.  One of the best things about this race is where they have the awards ceremony!  There is a huge patio at Moe's where they have live music and beer for sale!  I was right at home!

Oh . . . and my run was good enough to get 1st place in my age group . . . and no . . . there were three other guys out there.  I actually BEAT some people!  :-)


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