Monday, October 7, 2013

Doctor says I'm as "fixed" as he can make me!!

Had my final review complete with x-rays yesterday and basically the doctor says I'm as good as he can make me!!  LOL!

Dr. Purvis is first to say that the job he did putting my toe back together is no where near as good as what God did originally . . . but all bones appear to be properly aligned and functioning for the most part.  Still remaining range of motion issues in "the little piggy that when wee wee wee all the way home" . . . but no more surgical tweaking seems to be needed.  Honestly, my two damaged toes do just plain look weird and each one points in an odd direction!  But fundamentally . . . everything is okay!

I told the doctor that he must have put some sort of governor in my foot that goes off at 6-8 miles when it all starts to hurt and burn!!  He laughed and said I needed to "listen to my body!"  What the hell does that mean??  So I'm listening there body . . . now what the hell am I supposed to do!

We runners (especially ultra runners) are ALWAYS listening to our bodies . . . and we are constantly evaluating and trying to decide if the pain we feel is caused by increasing trauma . . . or is the pain just plain pain!!  If there is increasing trauma . . . we stop!  But if it's just pain . . . well . . . suck it up buttercup!!

The doctor finally agreed that if I was feeling pain, that pain was pain almost certainly from scar tissue and there should be no serious damage by continuing on!  So that is awesome news!  Real "piece of mind" when the burning starts!  He did warn me to be REALLY careful going up hills . . . the range of motion / bending issue is made worse going up hills.  He really urged me to walk hills slowly with as little bending as I can do.  THAT won't be a problem at all!!  LOL!!  He thinks I actually RUN everything!!

So I guess I'm good to go!

But I guess the question still does remain . . . can I "Suck it up Buttercup" when I need to???  Guess we'll have to see on that one!

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