Monday, October 14, 2013

Picking up speed . . .

Okay . . . you all that know me are well aware that this blog entry is somehow misnamed!! 
"Triple F doesn't pick up any f'in' speed!  Hell . . . to him speed is an ugly word!!"
Well that is true . . . BUT it's also not true at all!  Guess that needs some explainin'!!!

So I'm not running faster.  In fact I'm running slower!!  That's right . . . slower! My run pace before was about 11 - 11:30 per mile . . . but I walked often!  That did slow my overall pace to around a 14:30 pace.  But recently I've been focusing on running as far as I can and then walking as I need to.  And the net effect is my overall times are improving!!  Maybe 13:50 or so now.  Magic!!  Faster by being slower!  Only I could come up with something like this!!

Now don't get me wrong!  I'm still not able to run all that far without having to walk.  Today was my furthest . . . a whopping 6.7 miles before I had to walk!  Ended up doing about 8.2 miles in 1:54.

My plan is to keep adding distance as I can.  And once I'm not feeling foot pain (if that ever happens!!) I'll start adding some intervals or "rocking chairs" to my weekly training.

The Rocking Chair - Steeper than it looks!
Intervals everyone understands but you may not be familiar with a "Rocking Chair" . . . okay . . . you probably ARE familiar with a rocking chair but not THAT kind!!!  Idiot!!  

My rocking chairs are really a run I do on a road near my house where the road drops steeply over maybe 60 yards and then climbs back up the essentially the same level over the next 60 yards.  So the road sort of looks like the rocker on a rocking chair. 

So you slowly run down the dip, run hard up the other side to the top, turn around and run back down slow and fast up the other side for one cycle!  It doesn't take too many of these to kick my ass!

So I'm seeing some good improvement in my running and I'm DEFINITELY going to be ready for Croatan 24.  There I'll revert to a very easy run / walk interval but I plan to keep moving the full 24 hours!  I'm excited!  I'm planning to kick some ass out there!!  LOL!

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  1. Love the "Rocking Chair" idea! I'm gonna find something like that around here and give it a try.


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