Saturday, November 2, 2013

Croatan 24 . . . a look forward

Okay . . . the inter-hypochondriac in me needs to just be still!

I'm in as good of physical shape as I've been in quite awhile.  My weight is down and my runs are stronger.  I honestly believe I am now in about as good of physical shape as I was last April when I had my accident.  I haven't done any really long runs, but my daily runs of 4-8 miles have been great . . . no walking at all!  So I'm expecting good things.

Last April I had a bunch of great friends that were supporting me by agreeing to donate money on a "per mile basis" to the American Cancer Society . . . one of the charities that I personally have decided to support.  Had I finished 50 miles, they would have contributed $2,360.  But . . . if I had finished 65 miles they would have forked over $3,033!  The more I do the more they pay!! 

But just before the Virginia 24 I had an accident and got hurt.

Most of my donors have agreed to defer their donation until later . . . and later is the Croatan 24!!

I kind of feel funny about this because the Croatan24 is raising money for MARSOC . . . but my donors are donating to the American Cancer Society.  RD says it's all good so I'm moving on!

So my physical condition is actually pretty good (assuming my hip and my toe agree!!) and I'm planning to go at this just as hard as I possibly can.  True . . . "as hard as I possibly can" isn't all that hard!!  And I have no idea how my training will work out (more running and less miles!).

But I'm planning to give this one all I've got.  I was disappointed in my Hinson Lake effort and this is my chance for redemption!!  Both my hip and my toe are potential issues, but I honestly believe they are as ready for this challenge as I am! Plus, I've got some personal reasons I just want to do good.  And if I can channel this inter frustration . . . . look out! 

So what will be good at the Croatan 24 Hour?
  • 50 miles is a minimum level of acceptability.  MINIMUM.
  • Could I do 70 miles?  I would sure like to think so but this would be a stretch goal for sure.  Any more is just not realistic.
So that is my bracket . . . 50-70.

Strategy?  Well . . . like Mike Morton said at about the 100 mile point at Badwater when ask about his strategy . . . "Well, I just going to run!"  So that is mine.

I plan to run intervals (maybe 3/1s) for as long as I can . . . and then walk what I have to!  The key is to just keep going.  It's a 24 hour race and I need to use all 24 hours!!  That is honestly the key for real success . . . staying out on the course, moving froward as I can.  Slow is better than "no"!!  Cold weather is always a challenge to mental toughness so I may have to face that one as well.

I don't have a crew or a support group to assist me.  A crew would really be awesome!  But I've never had one.  Realistically I should be okay all by myself.  I've pretty much learned I am my own most dependable friend and supporter anyway!!  LOL!!!!!  You never know where you stand with anyone else . . .but you KNOW where you stand with yourself.  So I have my best supporter with me!!  LOL!

So . . . if I can execute this strategy and my hip and toe cooperate . . . 70 miles is a possibility!!

And who knows . . . maybe the dollars I raise will be the dollars that will kick cancer's ass!  How cool would that be?


  1. You've got this Frank! Anthony and I will be out there too cheering you on!

  2. Frank,
    A couple of us will be out for all 24 hours crewing ourselves. I'll be wearing a raggedy 2009 Marine Corps Marathon hat at start. We have one guy who is a dedicated walker and another with a 75 mile goal. Come introduce yourself and we will be there to support each other. Dave

  3. I didn't know you were running this! That's amazing that you are back running already. I was planning on my legs falling apart and giving up at 10am, but you've inspired me to try for 50 too. If not, then I'll crew for ya. Frank the Tank!


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