Sunday, November 24, 2013

. . . and another personal record!!!!

If we celebrate the traditional PRs . . . . I'm thinking I should also be celebrating my PWs too!!

For you non-runners, a PR is a "personal record" or a personal best.  As we get older, we runners get quite creative in ways to have a PR!!  Instead of lifetime records, we start looking at annual records, or course records, or even a record time with "these shoes!"  ANYTHING that makes us feel like we did something good!!

And as you might guess a PW is a personal worst.  Honestly we usually try to sweep these under the carpet and simply ignore them.  At least in public!  Privately we do remember these times of under-achievement and failures.  Actually they serve as terrific motivation so we don't embarrass ourselves in the future!

Well . . . this weekend I had a PW at the Crooked Road 24 Hour!  19 frickin' miles!!!  That is averaging just under .8 miles per hour!  Or a 75:47 pace per mile!!!!  My previous PW was 31 miles I believe . . . and that was just before hip surgery!!! 

But in all honestly I didn't run the full 24 hours.  In fact, I hardly "ran" at all!!  I ran a slow interval (run 2-3 minutes and walk a minute) for the first 6 miles . . . after that I only walked!

And I quit at about 2:30 pm . . . so I really only went 6 1/2 hours . . . that is a 20:31 pace!!  LOL with six miles of that were probably at a 13-14 minute pace.  Truth is I was "glacial" the last 13 miles or so!!!

If I had continued on maybe I could have finished 30-35 miles . . . MAYBE!!!!  But I just decided to "tuck my tail between my legs" and scamper home!!!

Oh . . . wait . . . I was at the very first running of the Crooked Road 24 hour back in 2011.  This was about 3 months AFTER my hip surgery and I did "do" one lap backwards that year so I could take pictures of folks.  Of course I wasn't an "official" entrant in that run . . . I was only there to volunteer so I'm not sure if that should count as my PW or not!! 

Hmmmmm . . . . maybe yesterday wasn't so bad!!!

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