Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 11th . . . a Wednesday!

December 11th is a freakin' Wednesday!  Nobody EVER does anything cool on a Wednesday!

So I'm going to change the game!

I'm going to get FIXED December 11th!  No . . . not that kind of fixed!  I had that fix done years ago!!  Been "shooting blanks" . . . well . . . forget that! . . . let's move along!

But my right foot does need fixing . . . again!  So this is like round #3!!  LOL!

Honestly . . . I don't know exactly what we're going to do!  Get that . . . what "WE'RE" going to do!  I mean shit . . . I'll be asleep!  The frickin' doctor could do ANYTHING!!  I would only know about it later!!  LOL!  Maybe he'll do a face lift!  Or liposuction!!  Or maybe something else cool!  Actually some sort of an extension procedure might be totally awesome!!

But probably not . . . just boring foot stuff.  But based on our conversations I'm thinking my base 20 math skills may be in serious jeopardy!!  And he assures me crutches will be in my future!  Again!

Anyway . . . you readers (all 8 of you!), send me well wishes next Wednesday.  And I'll let you know what the crazy doctor decided to do once I wake up Wednesday . . . sometime!!!

In a couple of months and I'm going to be ready to kick some serious ass!!  Protect yours!!


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    1. Well . . . the good news is that my awesome base20 counting skills were totally unaffected by the surgery!

      Doctor must have had a slow day, cause he did a ton of stuff and he felt good about everything . . . probably about what he'll be able to bill for this one!! Hahaha!

      Right now I'm just enjoying the pain meds. I'll try and post something tomorrow!

      Thanks for asking!!!


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