Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Math Skills Remain!

In my last post I expressed concern that my base 20 math skills just might be in jeopardy!  And let's face it . . . that would be totally devastating!  Think of how often you use those advanced math skills!!  I would just be totally lost!

But not to worry . . . I am still digitally complete! 

Surgery went well and when I talked with my doctor tonight he seemed very happy about the way everything went.  Must have been a slow day for him 'cause he just did a bunch of stuff!  Never a good thing when you're asleep in the operating room and the doctor has some extra time on his hands!  But honestly his positive excitement may have come from the size of the bill he's going to be able to send me!

Basically . . . I think that now, my 4th and 5th toes and the metatarsals they are (or used to be) attached to must be bionic!  I didn't understand all the things he said he did but I heard lots of words and phrases that I recognized . . . like  "removed the bone", implant, tack, screwed, released, pinned, "while I was in there" . . . stuff like that!  That last one scared me a little!!!

But I checked and all male parts seem intact so I'm not all that concerned.  Well . . . actually that extension idea was a pretty good one but clearly he didn't do that!  :-(

And my cast is way bigger than the one I had this summer!  I have no freakin' idea why!  Maybe he wrapped my foot more this time so the toes would stay warmer . . . kind of a winter cast instead of a summer cast!  IDK!!

Actually . . . the cast was one of the things he was most excited about!  Last time the cast they put on me made my foot "roll in" and I could not put any weight on it at all even though it had a little "walker" rubber thing on the bottom . . .  and I had complained!  This time he was "giddy" 'cause he thinks he got it on straight this time!!  Sheesh!

Well . . . this afternoon and evening I've been quite enjoying the cool little pain meds he gave me!  My dogs just don't understand why I'm singing and talking to myself!!  They should just enjoy my beautiful voice!

Well . . . we'll see what joy tomorrow brings!  But right now I think I'll pop another pain pill . . . just for fun!

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