Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 - Okay . . . that one is behind me!

Guess we all get a little introspective this time of year . . . evaluating last year and planning next!  That's a really good thing!  Nothing wrong with an honest assessment of the last year.  Time gives us a better perspective!  And I love to set goals for the coming year.  I need this goals to measure just how much I under-performed!!

There certainly were some awesome things that happened for me in 2013.  My son got engaged to an awesome girl!  And lot's of other cool things . . . but this is a running blog so I need to focus!

The Good . . .

  • I finished over 56 miles at the Croatan 24 (Nov) raising over $2,700 for the American Cancer Society!  A serious amount of pain involved in doing this but I sucked it up and continued on.  Maybe one of my best ever mental races of my life . . . I stayed in the game in spite of significant adversity.
  • I started the process of getting myself into better shape . . . losing weight, strengthening my core and eating better.
  • On training runs I stopped walking . . . unless I simply had to.  This was a big mental turn-around as I had slipped into a run/walk mentality!  In future races the run/walk approach is key for success but has no place in training (except during my coming recovery).
  • I stayed involved in running even though I couldn't run.  Crewed for friends at several races, (Umstead 100, Mattamuskeet Death March, Tar Heel Ultra)  co-RDed the Medoc Meltdown 50k and Medoc Trail Races.  RD the Bloody 11w, helped with Graveyard 100.  Runners . . . especially ultra runners . . . are simply sources for strength that any association with makes you stronger and better!! 

The Less than Good . . .

  • My foot problems . . . well documented in this blog!  If you want to read about it just start in April and read forward!!!  But the short version is two surgeries all caused by one accident and two separate instances of medical malpractice!
  •  Delirium 24 (Feb) was a miserable race from me!  I simply mentally collapsed and only completed 39.4 miles!!  One of my worst performances in my life!
  • Crooked Road 24 (Nov) . . . I only completed 19 miles.  Foot was simply killing me.  But this race DID spur me to action to address things still wrong with my foot so it wasn't all bad!

All consider 2013 was a suck ass year!!  Goodbye and good riddance!!

Looking forward to 2014 . . .

So now I need to be looking ahead to 2014.  It's time to "turn this buggy around" and do some amazing things!!

I have some races planned and/or paid for . . . but my participation is questionable:
  • The Pistol in January.  I had signed up for the 100k.  Current Chance of Participation = 0%
  • Delirium 24 in February.  I have a score to settle here after my mental collapse last year.  Current Chance of Participation = 0%
  • Virginia 24.  After not running last year I want to be part of Team Off-Some and kick some ass.  Hopefully I'll be recovered enough to do something.  Current Chance of Participation = 20%
  • Bethel Hill Midnight Boogie in June.  Probably my favorite race of the year and one I simply don't want to miss.  I do understand that this year they may not have an official marathon . . . everyone will sign up for the 50 and you can choose to stop at 30 or go the whole way.  Current Chance of Participation = 90%
  • The Last Annual Volunteer State Road Race in July.  This was going to be my focus event of 2014 but honestly . . . it may be that I will need to defer until 2015.  (Don't worry . . . "The Last Annual" part of the race name is a joke!!)  Chance of Participation =10%
  • Bloody 11w Labor Day weekend.  This was my first 100 and I would LOVE to be able to do this again!  Chance of Participation =70%
  • Hinson Lake 24 in September.  I won't miss this one!  Chance of Participation = 99%
  • Croatan 24 in October/November.  Another race I don't plan to miss in 2014.  Chance of Participation = 99%
 Clearly . . . 2014 race participation are totally dependent on how my foot heals this time.  While I'm optimistic that everything will heal up perfectly I am realistic enough to know that my ultra days are at risk right now.  My #1 mission is to do everything I can possibly do to assure I continue to be an ultra runner!

Pictures from the year:

Jordan Short at Delirium 24
Team Off-Some at Virginia 24
Henry Lupton and Amie Murphy - Team Off-Some at Virginia 24
Terri Preast and Gary Cantrell at Mattamuskeet Death March 100k
Tim Scott carring both his and Gary's 50-cal ammo can at Mattamuskeet (and Brandon Wilson RD with the evil smile!)
Greoge Wannop with his DFL award at the Medoc Meltdown 50k
Jim Ball at Bloody 11w 111 mile Race
Brian Hojnacki at Hinson Lake 24
Me the day before Croatan 24 - taken by Liz Lord

Sondra Jarvis and Jo Elsmore at Crooked Road 24

Tim Scott and Karen Jackson at Tar Heel Ultra (Tim was bummed as he had to DNF and spend 2 days in the hospital!)

Karen Jackson at the Tar Heel Ultra on her way to winning!


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